Eric Cuentos

Eric Cuentos
Eric Cuentos
Program Director, Parent Partner Program, Mission Graduates

As Director of the Parent Partner Program at Mission Graduates, Eric seeks to develop the capacity of Latino parents to be strong partners in their children's academic success and effective advocates for educational needs all children in their school communities, especially those of English Language Learner students. Through his three-and-a-half years in this position, Eric has grown the program to have an on-site presence at 9 different Elementary, Middle and High Schools in the Mission District and surrounding neighborhoods. With a background in community and economic development and civic engagement in immigrant communities, Eric has continued to seek out opportunities throughout his career to support the self-determination and increased agency of historically marginalized communities, particularly those of Latino immigrants.

Speaking in

Week 9: Supporting Home-School Connections through Technology
Carlin Llorente, Eric Cuentos, Ben York, Amber Levinson
5:30pm to 8:00pm

CERAS 101 - The Learning Hall, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

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  • Eric Cuentos
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